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Anabolic steroids information – Testosterone, Dianabol

Anabolic steroids information – Testosterone, Dianabol

cypionateTestosteron testosterone cypionate – Description

Testosterone is the oldest steroid, since the introduction of go to market, a number of other steroids, MIMO, to continue Testosterone considered the best IS eastern Newsletter Analytical building muscle mass. Testosterone cypionate is especially popular in the US where weights basically a joke most often produced. By local athletes it IS far more popular than enanthate .Gdy look at the issue of construction and properties of the OBU Both preparations are similar. Both measures are long esters of testosterone in oil solution, ensuring the maintenance of high levels of testosterone my blood for a period of about 2 weeks.

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As each of testosterone cypionate injection given guarantees a powerful increase muscle mass and strength during a cycle. To the east Analytical Newsletter ten not easy, however, it converts to estrogen, which helps to make the increased water retention. To avoid this we should use such as tamoxifen. We can therefore conclude that it is not the PERFECT east Newsletter analytical while sculpting our figure, but when you build Muscle mass As most .Ważnym IS TO keep in check the levels of estrogen, and especially to react quickly when you get itchy nipples bądźd appears small tumors under OR over the nipple.

Side effects

The side effects of this measure mainly manifested most often in people genetically That tendency Maja make oily skin, trądzikiu, the emergence of excessive body hair, accelerated process of baldness. Operation testosterone certainly oo potenguje these processes or they simply accelerate. Recommended for those people stostowanie finasteride.

Testosterone and application go through Women
Cypionate just like any other testosterone ester powinen be a means PO Which women should not go. Very strong androgenic action certainly for Women will not affect positively on the contrary. Quickly and very clearly you will be able to observe many of the characteristics of male How lowered voice, hirsutism in Wielun locations not common for Women and Many other secondary Cech. Women who, however, decide to take that measure should think about a shorter ester That will allow for better control of the concentration of my blood. It includes eg testosterone propionate.


Activity cypionate we can observe in the body for about two weeks, MIMO TO maintain a stable blood concentration Śródka we should be performed inikecje 2 times a week NP CO Four days . Dosage should vary from 250mg to make up to 1000 mg per week (for Advanced). Being the upper limit of this dosage is associated with significant water retention, so then we have to think about compulsory use of IA. Depending on the purpose of our series, we combine Testosterone oo Dianabol or Winstrol. Or stack Which has been appointed by the Americans TOR “golden stack” on the muscle mass AND IS has just the combination of cypionate, Good metanabolu and Deki. After such an example – the 14-week cycle is mandatory should begin therapy after cycle which includes HCG, Clomid and Proviron. Inadequate implementation of these measures, or even failure, the cycle is the leading cause of significant declines Muscle mass after discontinuation of steroids.


Enanthate is the most widely used in medicine testosterone. Doctors often prescribe it to patients suffering from primary and secondary hypogonadism, the team pokastracyjny, impotence caused hypogonadism. In general, diseases associated with androgen deficit. In such cases, the long-acting testosterone has significant efficacy in treating. Therapy also is more convenient than in the case of shorter esters, for example. Testosterone propionate, requiring more frequent injections.

Although enanthate, is more active, injection is carried out twice a week. Such a treatment allows better control agent concentration in the blood. The standard dose fluctuates around 250mg – 1000mg per week. This amount is generally sufficient to provide a clear gain in muscle mass and strength. Doses in excess of 1 g of testosterone per week will likely cause too severe side effects, in particular those typical of estrogen. They are often used stacks with oral agents such as Dianabol or Anadrol. On the other hand, players who take care more about the quality of the gain in muscle mass combine it with injectable anabolics – Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise. In most cases, a combination of testosterone with another SAA reduces the required effective dose. Enanthate is definitely not a good measure for women. Women opting to use testosterone a better option would be its shorter ester – propionate, offering better opportunities to monitor the situation.


Dianabol is a derivative of testosterone, exhibiting strong anabolic with moderate androgenic. The drug appeared on the market in 1960 and quickly became the most popular steroid used by athletes. Its popularity stemmed from the ease of administration, with very high efficiency. The medical-vocational not in the middle of effectiveness in the treatment, however in the 80s’ Dianabol disappeared from the pharmacy shelf.
Dianabol converts 5alpha and 5 beta metabolites, one of these metabolites methyl-1-test is responsible for the swelling and water retention caused by high blood pressure, especially in the high-dosage metanabolu. This happens because the said metabolite causes the inhibition of 11-beta-hydroxylase, resulting in accumulation of 11-deoxykortykosteronu (mineralocorticoid). Showing a moderate impact androgenic, Dianabol is generally used only by men. Its effectiveness is often comparable to the effectiveness of strong measures, such as testosterone and Anadrol. Most often they reach for his athletes in cycles overhanging muscle mass.

Dianabol Dosage

The daily dose should start 20mg- is providing high dose anabolic effects. It makes no sense to use doses greater than 50mg, because they bring more harm than good. Dianabol is typically used in combination with testosterone and deca which brings extremely high lean mass. However, it is at such cycklach have at hand means that captures estrogen.
Dianabol highest concentration in the blood reached 1.5 – 3 hours and the half-life of 3-4h, which means that the adoption of a single dose is not simply sense. Better dose divided into two three times and take her meals. This will ensure a stable blood levels.
Metanabol perfectly suited as a so-called. “Kickstarter” .Szybko acting dianabol is used in parallel with the center, which used to be longer in order to achieve the desired effect, eg .: long esters testosteronu- enanthan, cypionate. Zapewania it increases from the beginning of the cycle.

Dianabol construction

Metandrostenolon is structurally identical to the outside boldenone-C17 alpha-alkylation. Clearly, therefore, it follows that the addition of the C17-alpha-alkyl makes agents function very differently in the body. One major difference is the tendency to cause metanabolu typical estrogenic side effects significantly higher in the case of boldenone. Equipoise in this respect is very mild, there is no need to use an anti-estrogen. However, if we see significant metandrostenolon day trends in flavoring, further converts the 17-alpha-metylestradiolu, estrogen, estradiol than biologically aktywniejszejszego. This can contribute to the formation of gynecomastia, because people particularly sensitive to oestrogens should not begin the cycle of Dianabol without antiestrogen such as Nolvadex or Arimidex.

Due to the increased dopamine burst during use of the product, we can see much better mood. For this reason, well apply it in cycles using substances that cause significant dysregulation of dopamine secretion, such as trenbolone and nandrolone, which can improve mood when applying these measures.